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Liam's First Adventure

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Written by Anita Magnan

15th November 2023


'Liam's First Adventure' is based on a true story about a boy who was born way too soon and though he struggled through his first few months of life, he persevered.  As he laid in his bed in the NICU, he dreamed of a wonderfully whimsical journey into the sea.  He made some new friends who took him on an adventure,  helped him on his way to get stronger, and finally make his way home.


"Beautifully written and illustrated, Liam's First Adventure gives the reader a sense of wonderment and adventure where there was once worry and concern. It is a joyful journey and a truly beautiful depiction of the mind of a child as he travels through the first days of life. Loved it!!"

"Love the beautiful story and drawings. A great read for all."

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